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Online Formular Editor (OFE) for Ilias

OFE makes it possible to embed mathematical formulas into an Ilias text paragraph. The notation format used is ASCIIMathML. These embedded formulas will be rendered by the webbrowser wherefore the browser has to support MathML rendering (until now only firefox is supported). Additionally to only showing formulas OFE could evaluate them by a CAS (Maxima). This could be provoked by double clicking on an Ilias embeded formula or by entering the formula in an easy formular editor (WYSIWYG formular display). OFE is provide by an Ilias plugin.

  1. Get webseite and render formulas
  2. Transmit formular
  3. Authenticate Browser
  4. Eval parametrized formular
  5. Send result



OFE slides for Ilias-Conference in Stuttgart at 6./7. September 2012