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E-Learning Community Service Architecture (ECSA)

REST : Architecture for distributed hypermedia systems.

HTTP/1.1, UTF-8, JSON, ISO 639-1, ISO3166-1 alpha-2, rfc3339

An ECSA is a service architecture for elearning based webservices. It provides mechanisms for communication and authorization between elearning systems among each other and management systems. This is implemented via a MOM (see ECS service).

The ECSA is directly derived from a REST architecture.

It's important to mention that only proven protocols and webstandard are used to provide the ECSA services. This implies a maximum of connectivity and compatibility.


eLearning Community Server

ECS/ECSA documentation


ECS based applications


LMS-Integration of ILIAS, Moodle, StudIP together with the CMS-Systems HIS/LSF, HISinOne und CAMPUSonline.


The virtual programing lab (ViPLab) is a web-based learning platform and enables you to create numerical calculation programs in predefined guided learning units. It can run their own or default programs and their results are evaluated. Compilers run in the background on the servers of the RUS. All these services are online available. It's provided by Rechenzentrum, Universität Stuttgart, Germany.