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ECS Middleware

The E-Learning Community Server (ECS) provides a message oriented middleware (MOM) and underlies a REST architecture.

Free Software

ECS Download


The ECS is available through the software hosting platform as free software under the licence of AGPL. To track the sotware versions we use GIT as our software revision tool.

Ticket creation

At you could create new tickets/issues for the ECS project. You can categorize your tickets in questions, bugs, infos/tips and new features. Please keep in mind that the processing of these tickets couldn't be guaranteed especially when the ticket requires additional efforts. Therefor you have to make an explicit contract.

Please use the following form to create a new ticket (you must have an account on

ProjectTicket Type

Listing of all open ECS tickets.


The documentation can be viewed online and is also versioned via Git in AsciiDoc Format.


There are two installation profiles. The light profile is mainly used for development and testing as for small application scenarios. The standard profile works for medium and large application scenarios.

ECS based applications


Integration of ILIAS, Moodle, StudIP and HIS/LSF by ECS.


The virtual programing lab (ViPLab) is a web-based learning platform and enables you to create numerical calculation programs in predefined guided learning units. It can run their own or default programs and their results are evaluated. Compilers run in the background on the servers of the RUS. All these services are online available. It's provided by Rechenzentrum, Universität Stuttgart, Germany.


ECS slides for Ilias-Conference in Stuttgart at 6./7. September 2012