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The project is a joint venture between the universities of Stuttgart, Hohenheim, Ulm, Konstanz, Mannheim and the universities of education of Baden-Württemberg.

Project Targets

First of all we want to integrate the learning management systems ILIAS, Moodle, and StudIP so you can internavigate between these platforms in respect of consuming courses. This will be provided through so called course links.

Second we want to give the mentioned platforms access to HIS/LSF campus management system, e.g. to prevent a repeated data input while creating new courses.

Ticket creation

At you could create new tickets/issues for the CampusConnect project. You can categorize your tickets in questions, bugs or infos/tips. Please keep in mind that the processing of these tickets couldn't be guaranteed especially when the ticket requires additional efforts. Therefor you have to make an explicit contract.

Please use the following form to create a new ticket (you must have an account on

ProjectTicket Type

Listing of all open CampusConnect tickets.

ECS Middleware


The ECS provides the core functionality within an ECSA (eLearning Community Service Architecture). It's designed as a message oriented middleware (MOM) and underlies a REST architecture.


OFE slides for Ilias-Conference in Stuttgart at 6./7. September 2012

ECS slides for Ilias-Conference in Stuttgart at 6./7. September 2012

ECS slides for project meeting at 25.02.2011