Ilias Conference / OFE

Heiko Bernlöhr

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  • Math formulas could be embedded into Ilias textinputs (Learning-Modules, Notes, ...).
  • Notation format: AsciiMathML.
  • Clientside rendering via Javascript to MathML and presentation through Firefox MathML rendering.
  • Installation via Ilias-Plugin.
  • Simple formular editor with WYSIWYG preview.
  • Formulas could be calculated in Maxima (CAS).



Clickable formula embedded in Ilias e.g.:
[ofe eval="true"] sum_(i=0)^(10) i [/ofe]

Evaluated result:
(%i1)         sum(i, i, 0, 10)
(%o1)         55

  1. Get Website and render formula.
  2. Send AsciiMathML formula to OFE Server. OFE Server parses AsciiMathML, generates Maxima expression and calls Maxima for evaluation. The result will be send back.

OFE live presentation

Showing OFE running in Ilias of University of Stuttgart.